Welcome to KES Consulting Photography!

I am an amateur photographer who loves taking pictures of things that make me happy. As you can see, I love to photograph clouds and I deliberately over-colorized the photos to make something ordinary seem extraordinary; it is my artistic flare.


Sunrises and sunsets, so beautiful, however, the real beauties are rare in southern California. When I finally get a beautiful sunrise or sunset, I snap some photos. When flying in an airplane, the view one can see is amazing, but even more amazing when flying through or near a storm. 


I love airplanes and going to airshows in southern California. I do not get to many lately, but when I do, I usually snap a thousand or so photos and hope to get a few dozen good ones to show my friends.


My photos are not for sale because I do not feel they are good enough yet. Maybe someday my skills will get better. In the meantime, I post them here for people to enjoy.


Thank you for visiting. Please bookmark this site and return often to check for new images.